Think on your feet

Spontaneity – that wonderful ability to deliver the instant, unexpected response.

You may have been told that spontaneity is a rare and special gift, which only a few people possess. Lies – all lies!

The key to spontaneity is simple – focus on the present. Everyone has the ability to be funny and off-the-cuff. Most of us do it as children, and block  the skill as we get older – except perhaps when we’re on our own, or with close friends.

Some people become highly proficient at analytical thinking – at analyzing trends and anticipating possible results and outcomes. But the cost of focusing on the future, or assessing the performance of the past, is that attention is removed from the present. Decades of talent and instinct can be effectively short-circuited, making performance an anxious misery. In extreme cases, experts “choke” and imagine they are unable to perform under stress. Spontaneity returns when we interrupt that planning, and start paying attention to what’s going on, right here, right now.

Comedy U’s spontaneity workshops focus on:

  • Building a sense of play
  • Listening skills
  • Advancing on the suggestions of others
  • Trusting your first reaction
  • Taking chances and having fun making mistakes
  • Keeping your attention in the moment

These workshops are among the most entertaining of all the sessions we offer. In addition to training spontaneity, they are are also perfect as a short workshop for team-building and as a social icebreaker in the context of a larger event.

Put your focus where it belongs – in the present.

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