Connect with others

Sure, we all know that a comedy is supposed to help us connect with others. And we’ve all seen when comedy doesn’t work. A presenter starts a speech with some clunker from 3500 Good Jokes for Speakers. Instead of laughing, the audience groans.

But then a second speaker steps up. Here’s one of those people who’s “naturally funny.” Almost anything they say makes their listeners laugh. They make it look so easy.

The fact is, the key to comedy isn’t jokes or good lines. But neither is it some magical gift. Comedy comes from establishing an immediate, personal connection with others. When that connection is there, people will laugh with you – they’re on your side, they feel like they know you, and they’re ready to absorb what you have to say.

The surprising thing is that being “naturally funny” depends on a number of performance and psychological techniques which anyone can learn.

We teach:

  • How to find a style of humour that reflects the real you
  • How to be as relaxed and funny with clients as you are with your closest friends
  • How to read the mood or style of your audience or client, so your message connects
  • How to use comedy to reduce tension
  • How to improve your spontaneity in stressful situations
  • How emotional shifts can make comedy funnier and make speeches or presentations more effective
  • How to align your comedy with your message
  • How to deliver funny speeches… or stirring ones

At Comedy U, we can show you how to use comedy methods to help you build serious connections.

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