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Parodying the film noir detective film

Posted by on Oct 17, 2009 in Writing | 9 comments

The film noir detective film, with its hard-boiled detectives and gorgeous, backstabbing dames, is a great genre to parody, whether as a comedy sketch, a sequence in a movie or sitcom, or an improvised scene. I’m going to discuss a few quick’n’dirty tricks to creating a detective genre parody. Imitating any genre usually requires either (1) an intimate knowledge of the genre, or (2) a number of tricks which make it appear that you have an intimate knowledge of the genre. Here we’re going to be looking at strategy number...

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The sketch comedy monologue

Posted by on Aug 28, 2009 in Writing | 3 comments

If you’re writing sketch comedy, the monologue is a real time-saver. A sketch comedy monologue usually involves one actor talking directly to the audience in character. The comedy comes from the character, and will usually have a story to it. It’s different from a standup monologue, which typically depends more heavily on a series of gags stuck together with weak segues. Only one actor is required, so they’re easy to write, rehearse and produce, assuming your character isn’t simultaneously disemboweling an elephant, or...

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Writing Tips: Bathos

Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in Writing | 5 comments

One of my favourite comedy words is “bathos”. Bathos is a technique which many experienced writers use instinctively, but most don’t know by name – which means you can throw the word around and sound cleverer than they are. Bathos is humour that comes from an incongruous change of tone. In practice, this usually means a line or scene that starts out lofty but suddenly switches to lowbrow. Bathos is not to be confused with pathos, which sounds similar, but isn’t funny at all. Pathos means playing on emotions. If your audience is...

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