Comedy U provides education and information on writing and performing comedy (including sketch comedy, improvisation, standup, movies, TV sitcoms), as well as the providing training in useful applications of comedy in other creative environments.

Duncan McKenzie has been teaching comedy and improv since 1989, as well as working in TV and film. Currently he works as a writer and consultant on the YTV series, That’s So Weird. He was showrunner of the comedy-drama TV series Train 48, which used a blend of outline scripts and improvisation. Each show was shot in the daytime, edited in the afternoon, and broadcast across Canada in the evening. He wrote, story edited, and occasionally directed the sketch comedy series History Bites, which ran for over 100 episodes on History Television.

You can contact Duncan at duncan@comedyu.com
Amy McKenzie loves both improvisation and teaching. After working on comedy sketches for CBC radio with The Six Flying Hamsters, she wrote on five seasons of History Bites, and played such roles as “Judge Judy”. She was also an associate producer and writer for Train 48. She’s now the Director of the Oakville Improv Theatre Company and partners with Art House in Oakville. Amy has a strong interest in special education in public schools, mental health and wellness, and was on the  Special Education Advisory Committee for HDSB for seven years, and Chair for two of them.

You can contact Amy at amy@comedyu.com